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The WMF Press® is an electronic publication entity of The Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation. The purpose of the WMF Press is to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of WMF-sponsored research articles and noncommercial software programs that advance contemporary cognitive ability research and assessment practices.

WMF Press Bulletins

The WMF Press sponsors and publishes research articles on a variety of topics related to neuropsychological assessments, human cognitive abilities, and learning disabilities. The WMF Press Advisory Board serves as a conduit from the professional community for the development and selection of topics for these bulletins.

WMF Press Software

A number of software programs are also produced under the auspices of the WMF Press. Click the WMF Press Software link above for more information and instructions for downloading these programs, including the Dean-Woodcock Neuropsychological Report (DWNR) and the WJ III® NU Compuscore® and Profiles Program, Australian Adaptation (WJ III NU AA).

Woodcock Institute Proceedings

The Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation established the Richard Woodcock Institute for Advancement of Contemporary Cognitive Assessments to provide professional growth opportunities for practitioners, students, and faculty. In recognition of the many contributions Dr. Richard W. Woodcock has made to the fields of psychology and cognitive assessment, the institute is named in his honor.